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The Audition Experience

A "Real-Life Audition Simulation" class that culminates with personalized Casting Director feedback.

What Is It?

  • A one-on-one On-Camera Audition class with the realistic unpredictability of a professional actor's schedule that ends with honest feedback from top casting directors.

Why Would I Do This?

  • To Cut To The Chase: Personalized feedback on your strongest audition(s) from a casting director. 

  • On-Camera and Audition classes are invaluable to the professional working actor, but also predictable.  We know when class is and when we will "approximately" be receiving "this week's sides". We can plan our life around it. We can cheat it.  BUT REAL AUDITIONS are not like this.  They can come at the most inopportune moments, demanding extreme amounts of focus and redirection in our lives. (Stress that carries into the room!)

  • So "put some skin in the game." Exercising that specific muscle/element in the Audition Game is something you only get by actually auditioning. We deliver that experience. We will keep you sharp and on your game.

How It Works.

  • You will receive 6 mock auditions over the course of several weeks with unpredictable (but realistic) time frames.

  • We will replicate a true to life audition scenario (you may be given a redirect or not), and then you leave the room. 

  • Then you come back! We will breakdown your audition, review it and make adjustments, ending with one final take.

  • Upon completion of the class, one or two (depending on the material) of your strongest works will be sent to a top industry casting director(s) along with all your materials and links (i.e. resume, headshot, IMDB, etc) for honest feedback and review.

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